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Sounds Under Radio - "Effigy"

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Sounds Under Radio - "Effigy"

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With their sophomore release, 'Where My Communist Heart Meets My Capitalist Mind', Sounds Under Radio continues to build upon the foundation of musical truths that they established through their first full-length release, 'Cinematica' (2008). These are the contrasts between light and dark, guarded and vulnerable, specific and vague that yield a stadium sized, anthemic musical demeanor juxtaposed with quiet, personal intimacy. Through their highly melodic Americanized Brit Rock flair (reminiscent of bands like Muse, Brand New, Dredge and Editors) this Austin, Texas, rock quartet have forged an audience and a sound uniquely their own.

Members Lang Freeman, Bradley Oliver, Sonny Sanchez and Doug Wilson, first began to collaborate in mid 2005. In 2008, following complicated label politics at Epic Records, the band regained their independence and self-released 'Cinematica' which was followed by two years of heavy grassroots national touring in support of the album. Since 2007, the band has found a string of successes in film and TV with placements in Spider Man 3 (Sony Pictures), The Wolfman (Universal Pictures), War Games: The Dead Code (MGM Pictures) and most recently in the CW's 'The Vampire Diaries.'

By every account 'Where My Communist Heart Meets My Capitalist Mind' is a record about politics- though it has nothing to do with domestic or international affairs. It is a record about people and the internal governing of the self. This is a record about the HEAD versus the HEART and how we choose to cope with their agreements and their disagreements. It explores the outcomes of when they either align and when they don’t. This album is a living document of Sounds Under Radio as musicians, friends and people sifting through their our own broken pieces, reopening wounds of personal war and confronting their own deepest scars.

Utilizing themes of propaganda and covert communication, the band's ever present morse code logo also plays an integral role in both the art and concept of this record. This is an album that investigates a marriage of opposites and the collision of conflicting forces. Intimacy is merged with moments of grandeur and beautiful things are destroyed by the grotesque... all with the purpose of seeing what remains when the dust settles. The album is slated for release May 3rd, 2011 through The Musebox / EMI.

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