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Maya Over Eyes - "Alpha Male"

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Maya Over Eyes - "Alpha Male"

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Maya Over Eyes from San Jose, CA have defined their band around one word, perseverence. Born in 2004, Maya Over Eyes began regularly playing with some of the biggest bands in hardcore and quickly made a name for themselves around the Bay Area. With the release of a demo in 2006, rigorous touring throughout the US over the next few years, and self-release of the "Things Get Worse Before they Get Better" EP in 2009, they followed the difficult path forged by their hardcore forebears. Their newest endeavor, "Rebel Alliance" has had Maya¹s fans waiting with baited breath for their first release in 3 years.

Vocalist and founding member Paco Medina not only creates a unique mix of aggressive roar, heartfelt yell, and the bark of a pitbull, he¹s chosen to express his heritage in this album by writing "Furia" and "Fuego" in his native Spanish. Although he is the only guitarist, Edder Lopez is able to channel his inner buzzsaw to write riffs that demand the crowd do his bidding, whether to 2-step, stagedive, or circlepit. Galloping drum beats and thumping basslines by Jason Espinoza and Ozzy Medina are a strong wind behind the sails of each song, pushing you forward and steering the listener to whatever destination they desire.

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